2021-22 Panini Kaboom!

Panini Kaboom! Series

When Panini launched Kaboom! cards, they went for broke. These cards stand out from pretty much any prior issues in sports cards. That said, many collectors weren't initially fans of the Kaboom! series. Fast forward to today and they are among the most desirable modern cards for collectors. And in some cases, these Kaboom! cards can dominate over some of the Rookie Patch Auto (RPA) cards that have been issued. In the world of sports card collecting there are no absolutes. But what is an absolute is that Kaboom! cards have become harder than ever for a true collector to accumulate.

Generally released as short printed inserts, typically about one per case, Kaboom! has its roots as a basketball inserts way back in 2013. In 2018, Kaboom! was introduced in Panini's NFL line through Absolute. Since then, Panini has added the series to its soccer and baseball lines as well. Panini used these cards in a variety of brands during its debut including Innovation, Excalibur and Crown Royale.

Panini Kaboom! Kevin Durant Player of the Day

How Rare Are Kaboom! Cards?

Unfortunately, it's not easy to pull a Kaboom!. As mentioned above, these cards have appeared in several iterations, but they're typically the case hit for the product, so pulling them takes extreme luck. So yeah, they're pretty rare. Additionally, the 2021-22 Kaboom! Panini Player of the Day series is more rare due to the fact that they were released in packs that were given away at the The National Sports Collectors Convention. Even the most avid collectors don't know about the secret Kaboom! series yet!

Panini Kaboom! Player of the Day Sports Cards

Where to Pull Kaboom! Inserts?

If you're on the hunt for Kaboom! cards, here's where you'll need to look. The list below is missing 2022 releases, but we'll keep the list updated as we gather more information.


- 2013-14: Innovation

- 2014-15: Excalibur

- 2015-16: Excalibur

- 2016-17: Excalibur

- 2017-18: Panini Rewards Exclusive

- 2018-19: Crown Royale

- 2019-20: Crown Royale

- 2020-21: Crown Royale


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- 2018-2020: Absolute


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- 2017-18 Select

- 2018: Panini Rewards Exclusive

- 2019-20: Panini Prizm

- 2020-21: Panini Prizm

Cousin Sals's Cards & The Kaboom! Series

Hunting for a Kaboom! case hit can be not only frustrating, but expensive as well. Sometimes the card you're trying to pull may end up costing you more than buying the card outright. That's why Cousin Sal's Cards does all the hunting for you. If you're a true sports card collector looking to add the hottest and rarest cards to your collection, we have exactly what you're looking for.